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Just Chill AmmoniaAbout us

Just Chill Ammonia Refrigeration management has over 33 years experience in industrial and mechanical ammonia refrigeration. 

Our Services

Just Chill are committed to being at the forefront of technology and industry developments with the changing consumer needs in both plant and efficiency requirements.   Our services include but are not limited to the some of the following areas.


Just Chill Ammonia ProcessingApplications

Having diverse knowledge and experience on Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration plants, equips us to take on any new Client project applications required.   Listed below is an overview of applications available by Just Chill.


Just Chill Ammonia LayoutPlants

Our experience and expertise is primarily focused to Industrial Refrigeration.   Just Chill is equipped with the skills required in order to carry out both new installations as well as repair and maintain existing plants.  Below is a list of plants previously completed as well as repaired and maintained.

Just Chill Ammonia Piping


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Telephone: 033 342 4909
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John Costello

Managing Director
Cell: 082 444 0197

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