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Fairfield Dairy

John Costello has been working with Kevin Lang, the founder of Fairfield Dairy for over 30 years. John first assisted Kevin on the original farm in the 1980’s when Fairfield was a working dairy farm. With John’s technical design and engineering skills and Kevin’s and Fairfield vision and growth, Booysens are proud to still be the selected turnkey service provider to Fairfield Dairy.

New Extension Recently Completed 2012

The start of 2012 saw Booysens take on the Fairfield Dairy extension project. The primary 3 scopes of works included panelling construction of new production and office areas, air-conditioning utilizing chilled water systems for the new cheese, yoghurt, milk and maas production rooms, and the installation of a fresh-air / pressurization systems to these production rooms.

Panelling Installation

The panelling extension project comprised in excess of 5000m2 of panel walls, ceilings, specialized windows, vertical lift doors, personal doors, with automation, hatches, coving etc.

Chilled Water Air-conditioning System

The cooling system required was designed utilizing the existing ammonia refrigeration system, in order to provide an additional 324kW of cooling to the new production rooms.  The design of this application consisted of two new chilled water air-handling systems, connected in series to the existing refurbished ammonia ice-banks.

Fresh Air / Pressurization

The Clients requirements was for a specialized fresh air and pressurization system  designed and engineered for the production rooms for milk, maas, yoghurt and specialized cheeses.  The design is done based on the conditions required in order for the manufacture of these products, including humidity, pressures, fresh-air, sensible load etc. and in accordance with SANS, National Building Regulations. This system was designed and engineering by Booysens Refrigeration to the Clients specifications.

Original Installation / Factory Erection 2006

Insulated Panelling Installation

The insulated panelling installation totaled 5,000m², installed by our in-house professional panelling installation team.

The original Distribution Centre, a turn-key project included the installation insulated panelling, complete refrigeration system, air-conditioning, ventilation, pressurization and heating.

The refrigeration system installed comprised of two energy saving systems of 136kW and 64kW.  Specialized high performance, intermediate and standard performance blower coils were selected for the various applications of this project.

The ice reclamation plant consists of two ice accumulation systems, offering a total of 1319Kw ice-accumulation.

Specialized Air-Pressurization, Heating and Air-conditioning systemsSpecialized Air-Pressurization, Heating and Air-conditioning systems were designed, supplied and installed to the Yoghurt and Dessert Rooms.

Air-conditioning to the administration offices, board-room, server rooms was carried out by means of a combination of split-type systems.

Ventilation to the toilets, change-rooms, kitchens was carried out by means of ducted extraction systems and single extractor fans.